Photon Sources and Applications

Gain-curve of a free-electron laser.

The mission of the Helmholtz virtual institute's working group 4 (WG4), which is also referred to as VI-photons, is to investigate existing and novel techniques for photon generation, e.g., free-electron lasing or inverse Compton scattering, utilizing electron beams at FLASHForward at DESY. One of main missions of WG4 is to demonstrate free-electron laser (FEL) gain for the first time using a plasma-based generated and/or accelerated beam. 
Considering the fact that the mission main goals of VI-photons naturally requires actual electron beams, the tasks at this project stage are mainly concentrated on design and simulations work. However, this work is of crucial importance for reaching the mission goals. In order have a measure for progress within WG4, various short and long-term milestones have been addressed by the members, which are currently being investigated.
The following goals are part of the milestones:
  •  design of post-plasma electron beamline 
  •  complete start-to-end simulations
  •  generation of betatron and undulator radiation
  •  demonstration of free-electron laser gain
  •  experiments using the generated photons
WG4 is on track to pursue all the required steps to make the mission goals happen and to reach the milestones.
Point of contact
Dr. Carl Schroeder (LBNL) and Dr. Christopher Behrens (DESY)