Plasma Sources

The VI Working Group 3 deals with the development and characterisation of plasma targets and wakefield structures.
One of the main goals of FLASHForward is to deliver electron beams with properties which will ultimately allow FEL radiation to be generated. Various injection schemes as well as specific beam release and dechirping mechanisms will be examined in order to achieve this. All of them require specifically tailored density profiles and / or species distributions, with some requiring especially steep gradients and transitions. The targets for those experiments are designed and the gas distribution simulated with 3D fluid dynamic codes. Successful designs are then fabricated and the species-resolved gas-density distribution is measured using various diagnostics, e.g. interferometry and Raman scattering, to benchmark the simulations. In the plasma state, spectroscopic methods are employed by which local species density ratios as well as the overall electron density are investigated.
The group actively pursues enhancing the detection sensitivity of the current diagnostics as well as investigating possibilities for the implementation of new diagnostics to increase accuracy and explore lower density regimes, allowing for more precise target design.
Furthermore, planning and design of diagnostics allowing visualisation of the generated wakefield structure with ultrashort laser pulses is being investigated within the framework of WG3.


Point of contact

Dr. Patric Muggli (MPP) and Dr. Lucas Schaper (DESY)